Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS®

If you are experiencing a problem with a REALTOR® that you feel falls under the scope of the Code of Ethics, this page provides details regarding the time limit to file, the 3-Step procedure to file to a complaint as well as the ethics hearing process and potential discipline outcomes.


Time Limit for Filing Ethics Complaints

Within 180 Days

A complaint must be filed within 180 days from the date the facts constituting the matter complained of could have been known by the Complainant in the exercise of reasonable diligence, or within 180 days of closing, whichever is later.

More than 180 Days

If the matter occurred more than 180 days ago, the Grievance Advisory Committee will not forward the complaint for hearing before the Professional Standards Committee. Instead, it is suggested that the Complainant seek legal advice.


Three Steps for Filing an Ethics Compliant

The procedure for filing an ethics complaint with the REALTOR® Alliance of Greater Cincinnati (RAGC) has three (3) primary steps.

Step One

Read the Code of Ethics and Identify Which Article(s) has been Violated
  • As you read the Code of Ethics, make notes as to which Article(s) of the Code you believe have been violated by the REALTOR®.
  • Please note the actual Article(s) you feel have been violated as well as the Standards of Practice (which may be referenced as support of the alleged violation).
  • The Article numbers will need to be included on the formal complaint form as referred to in the second step.
Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS®

Step Two

If One or More Articles have been Violated, File a Formal Complaint

If, after reading the Code of Ethics, you believe that one or more Articles have been violated, you are ready to file a formal complaint.

When filing a complaint, you will need to:

  • Be as specific as possible when providing information regarding your complaint by listing the actions or inactions by the REALTOR® that you believe were a violation
  • Cite the appropriate Article or Articles of the Code of Ethics related to the complaint
  • Provide copies of supporting documentation which will be needed in order to process the complaint
Filing a Formal Ethics Complaint

How to contact Professional Standards

REALTOR® Alliance of Greater Cincinnati is part of a statewide Professional Standards program administered by the Ohio REALTORS®.  Services include an Ombudsman Program, Code of Ethics Enforcement, and Mediation or Arbitration of Commission Disputes.

To learn more about these professional services, use the links below:



Step Three

If your Complaint Qualifies for a Formal Hearing, You will be Required to Appear

If the Grievance Advisory Committee determines that the complaint qualifies for a formal hearing, your appearance at a hearing will be required.

  • This will be your opportunity to address members of the REALTOR® Alliance of Greater Cincinnati Professional Standards Committee with your complaint.
  • The REALTOR® whom your complaint is against will also be required to attend the hearing and explain or defend his/her actions.

Legal Complaint

If you are experiencing a problem with a REALTOR® that is legal in nature or if it pertains to the interpretation of a contract, it is suggested you contact an attorney.