As REALTORS, we’re in a fantastic business — helping people achieve one of life’s biggest accomplishments by becoming homeowners, whether it’s for the first time or into their ultimate dream home.

We love this work, but we also know it comes with challenges. Right now, those challenges include a low inventory of homes for sale throughout Ohio, including Cincinnati. That makes our work more important than ever as buyers negotiate a more competitive marketplace.

Yet some consumers still don’t fully appreciate the value a REALTOR brings to the process, which can be a challenge for you as an entrepreneur. That’s why Ohio REALTORS supports members with a communications campaign built specifically to help you tell your story.

The “We’ll get you there” campaign is designed to help you show potential clients that you understand what buying a home means to them. They’re on a journey with a destination in mind. That destination is a little different for each client, but as a REALTOR, you have the expertise and experience to reach it, regardless of what or where it is.

“We’ll get you there” was built on research showing that large majorities of Ohioans who have worked with REALTORS on a home sale or purchase have a positive view of the experience. They believe that their REALTORS earned their commissions. A quarter of them follows at least one REALTOR on social media, making it an especially good investment of your time to use the campaign to create compelling content about yourself and your business.

If you haven’t seen the campaign, take a look. If you already are using “We’ll get you there,” it’s worth a return visit now and then to check out the latest metrics.

Ohio REALTORS members can be 36,000-strong corps of ambassadors for our profession. By telling your story, you become part of that effort. And you just might plant the seed of your next great success story.