Real estate assistants are a valuable part of the profession as they tend to ease the burden on Agents and Brokers alike by aiding through administrative support. However, problems can arise when an unlicensed individual acts and performs tasks that require a license. A licensee who permits or authorizes an unlicensed person to perform acts that require a license may be subject to disciplinary action.

An unlicensed individual may perform duties and activities which are administrative and secretarial in nature. They can help with tasks such as assisting with paperwork, making phone calls, and scheduling appointments for showings, closings, or inspections among a host of other things. They cannot do anything that would be viewed as “assisting, procuring, or negotiating prospects for the purchase, sale, or lease of real estate”. They should not be showing homes or asking and answering questions about a property.

Unlicensed assistants’ interaction with clients and customers should also be restricted and monitored, keeping the dialogue of these conversations limited in nature. Unlicensed assistants should refrain from answering questions about a property, listing, lease, purchase contact and refrain from interpreting and explaining documents. Unlicensed assistants should also not be used to solicit business for a brokerage and should steer clear of making representations about the services of the brokerage including providing information on the brokerage’s services to potential clients and customers. The Division of real estate considers this an activity that requires a license.

A personal assistant that is licensed as a salesperson however can legally do all the things that any licensed agent is allowed to do. This includes showing homes, preparing, and explaining the terms of an offer to purchase or lease. Soliciting listings or buyers, attending closings, etc.

For more information on the Do’s and Don’t of an unlicensed assistant, refer to Ohio Realtors® White Paper which includes a list of activities that are and are not allowed.

Personal Assistants White Paper-8-Dos and Dont’s (

White Paper: Unlicensed Personal Assistants (