Citing, the Amendment Offers No Viable Solution to Addressing the Affordable Housing Problem Other than Taxing Cincinnatians 

CINCINNATI, OH — September 28, 2023 — The REALTOR® Alliance of Greater Cincinnati (RAGC) Board of Directors has made a formal declaration opposing the recently proposed Affordable Housing Charter Amendment (Issue 24) in Cincinnati, claiming it as a misdirected policy, a significant tax increase, and a plan in contradiction to ongoing affordable housing efforts by the city’s Mayor and the City Council. 

 The Board, which represents a diverse group of over 6,000 real estate professionals dedicated to promoting a thriving and equitable housing market in Cincinnati, believes that the amendment does not address the underlying issues related to affordable housing and may unintentionally exacerbate the housing crisis in the city. 

 Reasons for Opposition 

Tax Increase: The Board finds that the amendment would add another unwanted tax increase, imposing a heavier burden on Cincinnati’s homeowners and residents who have recently been assessed with a double digit increase in property valuations, resulting in an increase in their property taxes. “Plain and simple, Issue 24 is a tax increase masquerading as a solution to the affordable housing problem,” says Jason Kunkel, member of the RAGC Advocacy Committee. 

Misguided Policy: The amendment is perceived as a simplistic solution to a complex issue. It overlooks essential elements like sustainable development, housing market dynamics, rezoning efforts, and individual community needs, thereby making it an imprudent policy measure. Jeff Rosa, Vice Chair of the Advocacy Committee, said, “The amendment irresponsibly tries to solve the affordable housing challenge by just throwing money at it. That’s not how sustainable long-term housing solutions work.” 

Contradiction to Ongoing Efforts: The Mayor and the City Council are actively working on multifaceted strategies with a broad spectrum of community stakeholders to address affordable housing challenges. The proposed amendment contradicts these strategies and could undermine the progress in creating a more inclusive and balanced housing market. Government Affairs Director, Mary Huttlinger says, “Let our elected officials do their jobs and give the process its due course to play out. This amendment is a bullish strategy that disregards a broader collective effort.” 

 RAGC’s Commitment to Affordable Housing 

While the Board opposes the current amendment, it remains committed to finding viable solutions for affordable housing in Cincinnati. The Board believes in fostering dialogue and collaboration between real estate professionals, local government, community leaders, and residents to create well-informed, comprehensive, and sustainable housing policies. 

 “We are dedicated to contributing to an inclusive conversation about affordable housing in Cincinnati,” says Anne Uchtman, President of the RAGC Board of Directors. “Our opposition to this amendment comes from a place of deep understanding of the local housing market and a firm belief in policies that are equitable, thoughtful, and effective in addressing the needs of all residents.” 

 REALTOR® Alliance of Greater Cincinnati urges Cincinnatians to reject Issue 24, the Affordable Housing Charter Amendment, on November 7. Instead, they encourage Cincinnatians to engage with the Mayor and City Council on the continued development of existing affordable housing proposals. RAGC remains committed to engaging in conversations and collaborations with all community stakeholders to ensure the implementation of well-rounded, effective, and sustainable solutions that genuinely address the city’s affordable housing needs. 

 REALTOR Alliance of Greater Cincinnati® is a not-for-profit trade organization representing more than 6,000 of Cincinnati’s area real estate professionals. The association provides various benefits, including advocacy for equal housing opportunities, property rights, and homeownership. Additional benefits include educational programs, professional standards, social and networking events, and the Multiple Listing Service. 

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