When: April 18, 2024, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Where: Aces Pickleball + Kitchen, 2730 Maverick Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45212

Serve It, Smash It, Win It for a Good Cause!

Join us at Aces Pickleball + Kitchen for an unforgettable evening of pickleball, food, fun, and friendly competition—all for an exceptional cause. REALTORS with Heart, a committee of the REALTOR Alliance of Greater Cincinnati, is proud to present the “Paddle for a Purpose” Pickleball event. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the sport, your participation will make a significant impact.

Why Pickleball for a Purpose?

Every swing, serve, and score at this event supports the lifesaving initiatives of REALTORS with Heart. From installing defibrillators in community spaces to offering CPR training to real estate professionals and the public, our mission is to make our neighborhoods safer and more prepared for cardiac emergencies. Your participation means more than just a chance to claim the pickleball crown; it’s an opportunity to save lives.

What to Expect

How You Can Participate


Ready to Make a Difference?

Mark your calendar for April 18 and prepare for an evening filled with excitement, energy, and the collective spirit of giving back. Let’s paddle for a purpose and make every serve count for our community.

For more information on registration, sponsorship, or donations, please contact Julie McGraw.

Join us in making this event a smashing success. See you at the courts!