This week, the Treasurer’s office officially launched Ohio Homebuyer Plus – an exciting new program designed to help more Ohioans realize the dream of owning a home.

Ohio Homebuyer Plus is a savings program that provides account holders with above-market interest rates as they save and grow their money toward purchasing a home. Prospective homebuyers will work with a participating financial institution to open an account. 

To qualify for enhanced interest savings through an Ohio Homebuyer Plus account, an eligible account holder must:

Accounts connected with Ohio Homebuyer Plus must be used within five years, maintain a minimum balance of at least $100, and cannot exceed a maximum balance of $100,000.

As we all know, the issue of housing is on the minds of leaders and communities across Ohio. The Treasurer’s office hopes to support more Ohioans through this new program as they pursue their homebuying journey.

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