Market Statistics for March 2022

  • Median Sold Price
    $240,000 YTD 10.1% $218,000 Prior YTD

  • Units Sold
    3,917 YTD -4.5% 4,101 Prior YTD

  • Total Sold Volume
    $1.13B YTD 3.8% $1.09B Prior YTD

  • Active Inventory

  • Median Days on Market

  • New Listings
  • Percent change is the comparison to the same month of the prior year.

Highest Sold Dollar Volume in March

Greater Cincinnati’s real estate market continues to hit highs with a total sold volume of $583,436,440, the highest Sold Volume in 2022. New listings have increased by 890 from February of 2022; however, active inventory has only increased by 69 listings, possibly because the median days on the market have decreased to only 2! Increasing inflation, rising interest rates, and the Spring market all play a role in the housing market. “Therefore, if you are considering selling, this is a wonderful time to do it.” says Kay Edwards, Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS® President. “Contact a REALTOR® today!