Market Statistics for January 2022

  • Median Sold Price
    $228,000 YTD 7.4% $212,300 Prior YTD

  • Units Sold
    1,172 YTD -1.3% 1,188 Prior YTD

  • Total Sold Volume
    $322.7M YTD 5.1% $307.03M Prior YTD

  • Active Inventory

  • Median Days on Market

  • New Listings
  • Percent change is the comparison to the same month of the prior year.

Units Sold Decrease 2.6%

We typically see a drop in closed sales from December to January, but the last few years have seen an increase in January closings year-over-year.  Although the year-over-year difference isn’t huge, it is notable. Active inventory numbers are continuing to set all-time lows. While the January Median Sales price dropped 5.3% from December, it is still up 6.5% from January 2021. “There is no better time to sell your property. We are continuing to set records,” says Kay Edwards, Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS® President. “Contact a REALTOR® today!