Market Statistics for February 2023

  • Median Sold Price
    $246,500 YTD 4.9% $235,000 Prior YTD

  • Units Sold
    1,965 YTD -28.0% 2,731 Prior YTD

  • Total Sold Volume
    $596.02M YTD -22.8% $772.34M Prior YTD

  • Active Inventory

  • Median Days on Market

  • New Listings
  • Percent change is the comparison to the same month of the prior year.

March 13, 2023 – Hamilton, Butler, and Warren Counties’ home sales are down 24.8% from a year ago.  The active inventory is down 26.3% in February from January 2023, which was 30.0%; however, the February active inventory is up 26.3% from the same month the prior year.

“The market seems to be lending itself toward a similar market to this time last year. Listings are still selling quickly and sales prices are increasing every month,” said Anne Uchtman, president of the REALTOR® Alliance of Greater Cincinnati. “One thing is for sure— we need more listings!”

The median sales price in February 2023 is up 4.2 to $230,000 from $252,250. Units sold are 896 for February, down 24.8% from the prior year’s month. The median days on the market is 4, up 33.3% from the same month the prior year and better than the seven days on the market in January 2023. There were 1,132 new listings in February 2023 compared with 1,026 in January 2023, which resulted in 16.1% fewer new listings month to month.

To view more market statistics, REALTOR® Alliance of Greater Cincinnati has provided the following pages to allow members of the public to view several market performance metrics, such as units sold, closed prices, number of listings, and more. You are free to share these graphics.