“We have an oven!” These were the joyous words of Jessica Smith’s daughters when they saw their new home for the first time. This simple exclamation captured the profound impact of our community’s efforts and the Real Estate Build. We need your help to raise $2,500 in the final days of our campaign for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati (HFHGC). 

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A New Beginning for Jessica’s Family 

Michelle Billings, Ohio REALTORS® 2024 President-elect (left), and Tracy Dunne, RAGC President (right), welcome Jessica to her new home.

On June 29, we handed over the keys to Jessica Smith and her three children during a heartfelt Home Dedication Ceremony. Jessica, a single mother of a 12-year-old son and daughters aged 5 and 13, has long struggled with the burden of high rental costs, spending over 30% of her income on rent. Thanks to the Real Estate Build, she now has a safe, affordable home—a foundation for a brighter future. 



RAGC volunteers at work.

Why Your Support Matters 

The Real Estate Build unites businesses and professionals from our industry to construct Habitat homes. It’s not just about building houses; it’s about creating opportunities, fostering growth, and strengthening our community and economy. This year, 171 volunteers from our network—REALTORS®, mortgage brokers, lenders, and title companies—contributed over 1,050 hours to make Jessica’s dream a reality. 

“We have an oven!”

A Moment of Joy 

Jessica’s daughters’ reaction, hugging each other in excitement over their new oven, is a testament to the life-changing impact of our efforts. These moments define our mission and drive us to do more. 

Join Us in Making a Difference – Donate Now 

Join Us in Making a Difference 

We are in the final push to raise $2,500 for the HFHGC Real Estate Build, and we need your support. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to our goal. As a non-profit organization, your donation to HFHGC is tax-deductible and directly supports creating opportunities for needy families.


Habitat homeowners like Jessica must meet specific criteria, have stable employment, and make an $800 mortgage payment. They also invest over 250 hours of sweat equity into building their own home, fostering pride and a sense of community. 

Housewarming gift from RAGC

A housewarming gift from RAGC.

Act Now 

Join your fellow REALTORS® in supporting this worthy cause. Together, we can help more families experience the joy of a new home. Please donate today using the HFHGC Donation Link. 

Donate Now and Make a Difference 

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to making a difference in our community.