In a landmark decision, the REALTOR® Alliance of Greater Cincinnati (RAGC) proudly announces its first-ever early endorsement of a candidate for the 2024-2025 election cycle: Cincinnati City Councilmember Mark Jeffreys. This endorsement underscores Jeffreys’ steadfast commitment to inclusivity and collaboration with REALTORS® in shaping policies that benefit the greater Cincinnati community.

Mary Huttlinger, Government Affairs Director for RAGC, highlighted Jeffreys’ proactive engagement with REALTORS® on critical issues: “Mark Jeffreys has consistently recognized the expertise and perspectives of REALTORS® in his legislative efforts. From advocating for Accessory Dwelling Units to championing the Property Tax Rebate Task Force and the Connected Communities Initiative, Jeffreys has ensured that REALTORS® have a meaningful seat at the table.”

RAGC’s RPAC committee unanimously decided to endorse Jeffreys early for the upcoming election cycle. Tess Holthouse, RPAC Committee Chair, emphasized the rationale behind their choice: “This was a no-brainer for us. Mark has engaged with our members and actively sought our input to serve Cincinnatians better. We deeply appreciate his collaborative approach and commitment to partnership.”

Mark Jeffreys, re-elected to the Cincinnati City Council in 2023, will seek re-election in 2025. His track record of inclusive governance and advocacy for diverse housing options has resonated strongly with RAGC members and the broader community alike.

“As we look forward to the next term, we are confident that Mark Jeffreys will continue to prioritize policies that promote economic growth, housing affordability, and community development,” stated Huttlinger. “His leadership exemplifies the forward-thinking and collaborative spirit that Cincinnati needs.”

Jeffreys’ early endorsement by RAGC marks a significant milestone. It reflects a shared vision for a vibrant and inclusive Cincinnati and underscores the importance of partnership between elected officials and industry stakeholders in shaping a prosperous future for our city.

Looking ahead, RAGC remains committed to supporting candidates who demonstrate a genuine commitment to advancing policies that benefit homeowners, businesses, and the entire community. RAGC Board President Tracy Dunne applauded the decision, “Mark Jeffreys is a smart, forward-thinking leader who will fight to build a stronger Cincinnati for all.”

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