July 8, 2024 –  The REALTOR® Alliance of Greater Cincinnati (RAGC) hosted Congressman Warren Davidson (OH-08) for an intimate breakfast as part of our Legacy Lunch series. This event brought together RAGC RPAC Hall of Fame Investors for a candid and insightful discussion on various topics crucial to the real estate industry.

Election Insights and Economic Outlook

Congressman Davidson’s insights were invaluable. He began with an insider’s update on the upcoming election, providing a clear picture of what REALTORS® can expect regarding policy changes and shifts in the political landscape. His discussion on the likely trajectory of interest rates and the broader economy offered valuable foresight to help our members navigate the uncertain times ahead. He also provided some insightful comments about the recent Presidential debate, what it means for our country, and how our global position might be affected.

Bipartisan Efforts and Housing Issues

One of the highlights of the breakfast was the Congressman’s dedication to bipartisan efforts. His detailed explanation of these efforts to tackle large-scale public housing scandals highlighted the importance of cooperation across party lines to address issues impacting our communities. Attendees appreciated his efforts to preserve free markets while protecting consumers from private sector overreach, leaving us all with a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

NAR  Settlement

Another hot topic was the recent NAR settlement. Congressman Davidson delved into how this settlement might affect REALTORS®, how the market might respond, and whether there was any talk of congressional action, providing clarity on the implications and what it means for our profession moving forward.

Defining Affordable Housing

What does “affordable housing” actually entail? This term is frequently used, but what does it mean? The Congressman shared that the generally accepted baseline is housing costs should be no more than 30 percent of a household’s income. He also indicated an interest in considering alternative definitions of affordable housing and how it could be classified based on a particular set of demographic variables, thus capturing a better alignment of affordability with different financial scenarios. There is no doubt that this is a complicated policy issue. His expertise as the Chair of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance was evident as he discussed the nuances and challenges of creating affordable housing solutions.

Open Dialogue and Personal Engagement

Throughout the breakfast, Congressman Davidson was generous with his time, answering all questions posed by our members. We greatly appreciated his willingness to engage in open dialogue and thorough responses. This open dialogue provided valuable insights and fostered a sense of connection and engagement among the attendees. The event concluded with a photo opportunity, allowing attendees to capture the moment with a key figure in housing policy.

Join Us for Future Legacy Lunches

Are you interested in attending future Legacy Lunches? These events provide a unique opportunity to connect with influential policymakers and gain valuable insights into the issues that matter most to our industry. For more information, email our Government Affairs Director, Mary Huttlinger.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Congressman Warren Davidson for his time and service to our country and to all who attended to make this event a success. Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming Legacy Lunches and other events.

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RAGC RPAC Legacy Lunch with Congressman Davidson

RAGC RPAC Legacy Lunch with Congressman Davidson

RAGC RPAC Hall of Fame Inductees with Congressman Warren Davidson

RAGC RPAC Hall of Fame Inductees with Congressman Warren Davidson

In the picture, left to right: Meg Casper, Tess Holthouse, Jeff Rosa, Brad Knapp, Congressman Warren Davidson, David Welch, Amanda Gibbs, and Stephen Casper.