The REALTOR® Alliance of Greater Cincinnati is thrilled to announce that Beth Willis, a member of our Advocacy Committee, has been appointed as the point person for Cincinnati City Councilmember Mark Jeffrey’s Task Force on Property Tax Refunds. Beth’s dedication and expertise in real estate advocacy make her the perfect leader for this vital initiative.

The Task Force on Property Tax Refunds meets bi-weekly and is dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of high property tax valuations that have been impacting vulnerable homeowners in Cincinnati. The goal is to provide much-needed relief and support to those struggling to keep up with increasing property taxes.

Beth Willis brings a wealth of experience and passion to her new role. Her real estate background and commitment to advocating for homeowners’ rights have consistently made her a standout member of our Advocacy Committee. Now, as the point person for this task force, she will play a crucial role in driving discussions, proposing solutions, and ensuring that the needs of our community are heard and addressed.

Beth’s leadership on this task force represents a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to support and protect homeowners in Cincinnati. We are confident that the task force will make meaningful progress in providing property tax relief and creating a more equitable environment for all homeowners.

The task force’s bi-weekly meetings will focus on developing strategies to mitigate the impact of high property tax valuations. This includes exploring potential policy changes, identifying funding sources for refunds, and working closely with community members to understand their concerns and needs.

Beth Willis, MBA, is a REALTOR® with Comey & Shepherd and has been an active member of her community for many years. Her background in human resources offers the perfect opportunity to meld her passion for real estate with her commitment to honesty, compliance, and our residents. RAGC is thrilled that she has stepped up to serve the REALTOR® profession.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions. Let’s work together to make a difference!