The REALTOR® Alliance of Greater Cincinnati (RAGC) is excited to announce that the next Hall of Fame Legacy Lunch will host Congressman Warren Davidson, Chair of the Housing and Insurance Subcommittee of the House of Representatives Finance Services Committee, on July 8 for a special breakfast event. This exclusive gathering will focus on critical topics such as homeownership, housing, and private property rights.

The RAGC Hall of Fame Legacy Lunch is a new quarterly program designed to foster intimate discussions with elected officials and community leaders. This event provides RAGC Hall of Fame inductees a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue on current events and policy issues impacting our industry and community.

Attendance for the Legacy Lunch is limited to 10-12 participants to ensure ample time for conversation and in-depth discussion. Our Hall of Fame inductees, who each have lifetime investments in RPAC of $5,000 or more, will have the privilege of attending this event.

RAGC Board President Tracy Dunne said, “We look forward to an insightful and engaging session with Congressman Davidson, and we are confident that his expertise and perspective will provide valuable insights for our members.”

For more information about the RAGC Hall of Fame Legacy Lunch and future events, please stay tuned to our updates.

Together, let’s continue to champion homeownership and advocate for the rights of property owners in our community.